Future4care presentation

In January 2021, Capgemini, Generali, Orange and Sanofi joined forces to create the largest e-health accelerator in Europe, Future4care. Their joint ambition is to support more than 100 startups in their development until they reach the market, while federating an ecosystem made up of all the healthcare professions.


The Covid-19 global pandemic has revealed the shortcomings of the healthcare system that has been at its edge before but is now lacking in agility. This observation is disappointing given that France and Europe have assets that are recognized throughout the world.

In order to be more competitive, we must now focus on 2 main issues:

The health sovereignty 

Indeed, the resilience of the healthcare industries' production tools and supply chains have been severely tested during the crisis and will be more so tomorrow.

The decompartmentalization of our health system

Indeed, interactions between public players, private ones, major institutions and startups is crucial to strengthen the scientific and medical progress.Future4care has been founded in 2021, in order to bring solution to these issues. The organization is convinced that e-health startups are the solutions. To reach our goals, we’ll provide a strong support to them until their go-to-market, while placing them at the heart of the ecosystem of healthcare professionals.

Our promess

Future4Care's ambition is to accelerate the development of European e-health solutions until their go-to-market.To reach this objective, our mission consists of building a strong and comprehensive ecosystem, made up of manufacturers, hospitals and healthcare facilities, patient associations, academics, schools, universities, incubators and other healthcare professionals, with startups at the heart. In concrete terms, our acceleration program is structured around three assets:

1.          Knowledge

Through 360° training modules (business, legal, data, ethics, regulations, etc.) online and offline. These training sessions will also be reinforced by conferences, organized according to the needs expressed by the startups themselves.

2.           Network

Through our experts, who are committed to offer personalized support, through informal meetings and individual coaching. We ensure time saving for entrepreneurs by connecting them with the right people right away. Demo days will also be organized, allowing start-ups to pitch their projects to investors and buyers.

3.            Facilities

Through our 6400m2 location, in the heart of the Biopark in Paris. It will offer offices, catering, brainstorming, training, and also application spaces called "labs". The place is designed to host, more than 100 startups and 850 people.

We also offer an online platform to work and exchange outside the walls, while maintaining a quality experience. This platform will also give you access to our Institute, a real knowledge center, where we will provide you with technological and medical monitoring, conferences, articles, video, etc.

I welcome the creation of Future4care, which is in line with the government's priorities to make France a leader in digital health. Indeed, digital innovation is at the heart of our priorities to improve patient care and find more effective therapeutic solutions

 Agnès Pannier-Runacher,  French Minister Delegate for Industry.