19 new startups join the Future4care accelerator

Paris, October 19, 2022 - Future4care, the European e-health startup accelerator, announces the names of the 19 startups that make up its second class. One year after its creation, Future4care launched its second call for applications in April 2022 to recruit a new class. 

Published on 18 October 2022 at 03h25


Paris, October 19, 2022 - Future4care, the European e-health startup accelerator, announces the names of the 19 startups that make up its second class. One year after its creation, Future4care launched its second call for applications in April 2022 to recruit a new class.

Following this call for projects, the applications were selected and reviewed by a jury composed of expert members of the ecosystem. These members are notably from the 4 founders of Future4care, Sanofi, Capgemini, Orange and Generali, from the partners who joined the gas pedal during the year: Biocodex, UCB, Alira Health and Be-Ys and also from research institutes and public institutions.

The jury selected 19 startups that officially constitute the second class of e-health startups.

By joining Future4care, these startups will have access to
  • The opportunity to join a 6400 m2 campus in Paris.
  • A two-tiered acceleration program, based on personalized support from a network of experts and mentors and collective sessions such as conferences, masterclasses, after-work sessions, etc.
  • A privileged, direct and multiple access to the major groups that have joined Future4care as members.
  • Various working sessions and conferences organized by the Future4care Institute, a true center of reflection and action focused on usage, ethics, and French and European economic sovereignty, with the aim of promoting the model of the European digital space for health data.

Here is the list of the 19 startups selected:


AviPsy is a mental health start-up, whose ambition is to revolutionize the management of mental illnesses, through an innovative care system based on AI and clinical research. 

It is based on the unique organization of an optimized and coordinated care pathway between psychiatrists and psychologists, which has already treated more than 3000 patients in the last 6 months. 



With multiple projects across over 500 health and medico social institutions, Better World is the French leader in leveraging verbatims written by patients, residents and professionals using AI, along an award-winning approach (European Innovation Program Horizon 2020, International Trophies SilverEco 2022...).  Better World's ambition is to build a structured and real vision of patient, resident and professional experience, through a 3-step approach: the collection of verbatims from all sources (existing internal and web channels, or Better World's feedback app and QR codes), in-house AI powered analysis, and the restitution of all results on a web platform to monitor satisfaction at all levels of organizations. 



BONE 3D is the French medtech specialised in 3D printing for the medical field. It develops, manufactures and markets educational and anatomical models, surgical simulators and medical devices, off-the-shelf or custom-made. From the qualification of the need to production, all its innovative products are codeveloped with doctors, engineers and surgeons to best meet the needs of health professionals, patients and industrialists in the field.  

BONE 3D also offers HospiFactory, a service for setting up, managing and maintaining 3D printing platforms within hospitals.  

Bone 3D is ISO 13485:2016 certified for its RHINO range of nostril conformers. 

From the training of healthcare personnel to access to personalized medicine for all, BONE 3D's mission is to put the most advanced applications of 3D printing at the service of tomorrow's medicine. 


Collaborative healthcare data platform 

Deemea is a digital health company expert in real-world data AI-driven structuration and analysis. Specialized in imaging data processing, it develops and deploys diagnosis, prognosis and prediction biomarkers to accelerate and de-risk biopharmaceutical and medical device clinical studies. Its innovative proprietary technology enables the multi-modal and multi-centric platform to ensure the privacy, security and sovereignty of medical data and sustainability of healthcare facilities. Deemea enables data-driven research, accelerating access to innovative therapies for patients. 



DiappyMed develops EkiYou, the health companion for diabetics. It is two applications that allow to freely personalize insulin treatment and access reliable information to help live better with diabetes.  



The 1st health platform that uses data to direct the patient to the practitioner who suits him the most.



To maintain normal blood sugar levels, a patient with diabetes has to make decisions about his treatment several times a day, adapting his insulin doses according to his needs. To do so, he relies on the data from his blood glucose sensor and his experience. But many factors influence blood sugar levels, with antagonistic effects that vary from one patient to another. Anticipating the risks of hypo/hyperglycemia remains very difficult, and patients make mistakes with potentially serious consequences. Hillo's solution anticipates these situations and provides real time personalized medical grade support to avoid them, thanks to a proprietary artificial intelligence that can learn from the patient's physiology and habits to provide personalized therapeutic advice. Hillo also develops consultation support tools to help physicians understand the patient's glycemic excursions and provide advice to help adapt treatment. 



« Hypokr.at offers a digital solution for the management of home therapies requiring equipment : diabetes, sleep apnea, ventilation, oxygen therapy, stoma, healing... 

This solution is used by Home Service Providers to better support their patients using home equipment, to simplify the administrative tasks of their nurses and to better supervise the care pathway by prescribing physicians. » 



Kiplin is a health game editor that uses gamification to encourage its users to practice physical activity in a fun way every day. Our solution is designed for companies, for their employees, and for healthcare institutions, for their patients suffering from chronic diseases, in order to help everyone (re)acquire a taste for physical activity. Whether it is to prevent and fight against sedentary lifestyle of employees, or simply to integrate into the care of a patient suffering from a long term illness, Kiplin's objective is simple: to improve health and quality of life of everyone thanks to a moderate and regular physical activity. Supported by a scientific committee, Kiplin fights for a sustainable change in lifestyle.   



Lend-Rx Technology empower Social Media listening with competitive intelligence data to provide accurate information and analytics on the global therapeutics landscape. Doltracker, its AI-enabled platform collects, connects, and analyses millions of different documents from validated sources and medical experts. Covering over 10K Therapeutics from 4K Companies at any development stage, in R&D and on the market, Lend-Rx Tech provides accurate insights that customer can trust. 



Livmed's is a 24/7 Drug Delivery for everyone’s Pharmacy and Parapharmacy needs: Patient, Ehpad, Hospital.. 

The patient orders via our application directly from our partner pharmacies, his medical prescription (prescription) and/or his parapharmacy products. 

Our mobile, web application coupled with our logistic platform for pharmacy assist them to sell online and provide prescription delivery service to their patients. We provide the solution, the audience and the logistics to support these pharmacies develop their activity online. 

Launched in Jan 2021, Livmed’s has become the French Leader of 24/7 Drug Delivery in just 1 year : +700% YoY revenue growth, 25 employees, 15 000 courrier and 600 pharmacies partners. 



Moha facilitates the management of one's well-being and health on a daily basis. To do this, Moha designs and develops innovative solutions allowing everyone to change their physical, mental and relational health behaviors. Today, it is a first BtoB offer: The collective well-being and health program for the company through interventions by experts and unique access to the best content and health professionals for the employee.


Music Care 

Music Care is the first digital therapy validated by up to 150 scientific studies to significantly decrease pain and anxiety  by more than 50% with its clinically designed musical composition algorithms. It is the use of music as a medicine to relieve pain without side effects for the patients.


My Synergy 

MY Synergy is a health-tech consultancy dedicated to improving healthcare through digitalization.  

Our vision is simple and clear - to digitalize, enhance & enable healthcare for all. Next, we boarded on a mission to analyze, optimize, and automate processes in healthcare with digital products & solutions. We strive to improve patient outcomes and the overall patient experience by empowering value-based healthcare initiatives. 

We are Microsoft Partner of the Year for Bulgaria for 2022 and a Microsoft Gold Partner under the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program. 

We are also HL7 Gold partner for healthcare interoperability, ICHOM Certified & Accredited partner for Value-Based healthcare. 



Pharmao is the leader in the delivery of medicines and parapharmacy 7 days a week in more than 250 towns in France with more than 1000 partner pharmacies. Pharmao is the delivery solution of many pharmacy groups such as Pharmacies Lafayette or the Leadersanté group. We deliver to patients at home after a teleconsultation, after hospitalization, to nursing homes, and to many patients who are unable to travel on a daily basis. Delivery costs may be covered by certain mutual insurance companies. Pharmao has signed a partnership with the Ramsay Santé group to deploy its home delivery service 7 days a week in more than 150 private clinics in France. 




RDS  is a startup developing an outstanding global IoT platform dedicated to patient monitoring in acute stages of their clinical pathway (especially post surgery).  

We have succeeded in miniaturizing the hospital monitor: our patented medtech solution is based on a high-level data processing platform fed continuously by raw data from five sensors embedded in a miniaturized proprietary "patch" medical device worn by the patient. 

This solution allows very high quality remote monitoring, continuously and for several days, of many key parameters including oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and heart rate. 

It allows clinical teams to let patients go home earlier, safely, and monitor them remotely as if they were still in the hospital.  


SIBIUS uses artificial intelligence and patented Digitrack technologies to create the first objective marker for cognitive disorders. Digitrack offers a proxy of eye movement measure and was designed by a research team working at CNRS & University of Lyon 1 (see Lio et al, Nature Communications 2019). 

SIBIUS offers an innovative solution to an unmet need to reduce diagnosis errand: 

  • A patented technology in Europe, the US, China and Japan, 
  • An efficient assessment tool : objective, simple, non-invasive, and fast, 
  • A technology-first approach, based on large volumes of data and machine learning, 
  • A unique data set of cognitive capabilities to better understand exploration paths, symptoms and compensation strategies of cognitive disorder. 



Susu's mission is to make healthcare affordable and accessible for Africans, in an integrated approach which connects the beneficiaries of the services, their families, and healthcare professionals.  Our originality and our strength are based on our technological platform, which allows:  - on the one hand, to organize the care journey of the vulnerable and chronic patients (diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, etc.) and put them in contact with qualified health professionals.  - on the other hand to facilitate the financing of the service by relatives from the African diaspora living in Europe. 



Tilak Healthcare is a company specialized in digital health, particularly in the development of a disruptive technological platform of medical video games, prescribed by health professionals, for the support of chronic diseases. Odysight®, its first platform, targets ophthalmology, with chronic maculopathy, a pathology in strong progression and the first cause of blindness in the world. It allows for the improvement of patient management in the healthcare process. OdySight®, the reference solution for home vision monitoring, is already present in the United States, and in Europe. The company was founded in 2016 within the Ibionext ecosystem. For more information: www.tilakhealthcare.com 


All information is available on the Future4care website and on its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

About Future4care:

Future4care is the European accelerator of digital health startups, born from the alliance between Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali, Orange and Sanofi. Its objective is to accelerate the marketing of innovative and concrete e-health solutions.

As a  unique ecosystem, Future4care is:

  • A space of 6400m2 in the heart of Paris in the 13th arrondissement at the Biopark to best support start-ups in their acceleration phase
  • an online open innovation platform
  • an Institute, a real knowledge center that offers programs and conferences related to digital health
  • a reference label.


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