22 startups join the first Future4care promotion

From September 22 to October 24, Future4care organized its first call for projects around two key themes in digital health: personalized medicine and remote patient management.

Published on 07 December 2021 at 11h27

Following this call for projects, for which 154 startups applied, 41 applications were shortlisted and reviewed by a jury of experts including Anaïs Barut (Damae), Xavier Godron (DNAscript), Jamie Walters (Calywia), Jean-Baptiste Hennequin (Physical Fund for Medicine), Samuel Ohayon (MedXlab, CTS), Jacky Vollet (Association française des diabétiques), Chahra Louafi (BPI autonomous patient fund), Antoine Leprêtre (HEC Paris incubator), Pierre Abadie (physician) or members of the 4 founding companies of Future4care: François Devif (Capgemini), Jean-Vianney Massin (Generali) Jérôme Berger (Orange) and Arnaud Robert (Sanofi). 

The jury selected 22 startups to join the first class (details and information at the end of the press release).

By joining Future4care, these startups will have access to an acceleration program that includes

  • application spaces called "labs" and an online platform to work and exchange outside the walls while maintaining a quality experience
  • the possibility of joining a 6400 m2 campus in Paris with catering, brainstorming and training facilities  
  • a unique network, notably of healthcare professionals, from the scientific, academic and industrial worlds, to enable startups to optimize their time and benefit from personalized meetings, 
  • The expertise of the founding members (Capgemini, Generali, Orange and Sanofi) and of a hundred or so profiles from all walks of life will be made available through personalized and individualized 360-degree support (business, legal, data, ethics, regulations, etc.), both online and in person.

Recently, Future4care also announced the arrival of Olivier Guérin, Head of the Geriatrics Department at the Nice University Hospital as Vice President of Future4care and the creation of new partnerships that place accelerator at the heart of a growing ecosystem: partnerships with Hello Tomorrow and Galen Growth in particular. Find below the details of the 22 selected startups:

ArcaScience Al https://fr.arcascience.org/  CEO: Romain Clément.

First solution to combine a biomedical data fusion tool with a specialized AI development framework, multiplying by 4 the profitability of the data.


Baracodahttps://www.baracoda.com/en  Co-founders: Jean-Marc Druesne (CEO) and Gauthier de Rouzé (CTO)

Baracoda offers BBalance, a bath mat equipped with a patented pressure measurement technology for daily monitoring of the body's health. It comes with a personalized coaching program


Blazarhttps://blazar.ai/  Founder: Dora Carrasco Sabino

Blazar predicts response to onco-immunotherapy by deploying statistical and deep learning methods on clinical data, improving patient outcomes.


Bliss Digital Therapeuticshttps://www.bliss-solution.com/  President: Mélanie Péron

Bliss Digital Therapics offers VR glasses/headsets to reduce pain in patients with chronic diseases and/or during medical interventions.


Bodyohttps://bodyo.com/en/ Founder: Patrice Coutard

Bodyo creates innovative telehealth devices that improve the health and well-being of individuals by preventing the onset of chronic diseases through engaging prevention programs accessible to all through self-monitoring and telemedicine stations.


Casishttps://www.casis.fr/fr/casis-cardiac-simulation-imaging-software/  Founder: Jean-Joseph Christophe

Casis offers cardiovascular imaging software to improve and reinforce clinical diagnosis. The use of deep learning algorithms, based on the QIR suite, to help healthcare professionals interpret and understand cardiovascular MRI and CT scans. The interface, in different languages, which also includes a small training module.


Health For Peoplehttps://healthforpeople.fr/  Co-founders: Marc-Antoine Sergeant (President), Julien Thomas (CEO) and Nicolas Jacob (Development Director)

Health For People's e-health platform has been developed with one goal in mind: to give everyone the means to get involved in their health and take an active role in their care (patients or healthcare professionals). Health For People offers decision support and assisted care management tools for healthcare professionals, in order to adapt the treatments delivered to patients.


Hoppenhttps://www.hoppen.care/ Founders: Sébastien Duré and Matthieu Mailédant

Hoppen is a project of phygital platform to accompany the patient during his hospitalization with personalized services adapted to each patient to cross all the stages of his journey. The initial observation is that the nursing staff spends only 30% of its time with the patent, the rest in the corridors + 7 km in the corridor. The result of the experimentation reveals a passage 55% of the time. Their solution is to digitize all the actions that take place in the room: meal / cleaning of the room / care and life of the building.


I-Virtualhttps://www.caducy.com/fr/i-virtual/  CEO : Gaël Constancin

i-Virtual is a start-up specializing in image and data processing for everyday health and well-being that transforms any camera into a medical device. Caducy is the first European system for non-contact measurement of vital parameters using a camera.


Juiscihttps://www.juisci.com/  Co-founders: Robin Roumengas (CEO) and David Luu (CMO)

Edtech/continuing medical education combining AI (proprietary algorithms) and deeptech with a SAAS solution. It aims to democratize medical education. It will also become a platform for peer-to-peer exchange. To allow HCPs to receive instant, live and reliable information in a summarized, visual and personalized format.


Kapcodehttps://www.kapcode.fr/  Founders: Dr Stéphane Schück, Nathalie Texier and Adel Mebarki.

Kapcode develops E-Detect, the first tool to take into account in real time the patient's voice in the care process, thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language processing methods.


Knokhttps://www.knokcare.com/fr/  Co-founders: José Bastos (CEO) and Joao Magalhaes (CTO)

Knok is a global leader in integrated care video platform software. Knok works with leading hospitals, healthcare organizations and insurance companies to improve all aspects of patient care by providing an easy-to-use platform for physicians and patients.


MaPathohttps://www.mapatho.com/  Founders: Axelle Ayad N'Ciri and Pierre-Emmanuel Obeniche

MaPatho allows to find a trusted specialist and quality information can sometimes be a real obstacle course. MaPatho is a 4P platform aiming to improve the daily life of patients.

Medicushttps://medicus.ai/  CEO: Baher Al Hakim

Medicus is an innovative solution that helps patients understand their health by explaining their medical reports and health data in a personalized, easy to understand and visual way.

Meditecthttps://www.meditect.com/  Co-founders: Arnaud Pourredon (CEO), Romain Renard (COO) and Adrian Gonzalez (VP Engineering).

Meditect strengthens access to quality medicines in Africa, by federating health actors around the legal drug circuit and by developing tools adapted to each actor.


Medvirhttps://medvir.fr/  Founder: Dr Loïc Etienne

Medvir has developed a solution that allows to identify, through the analysis of symptoms, in primary care, if there is a need to go to the emergency room (hear the weak signals).


PK Vitalityhttps://www.pkvitality.com/fr/  Co-founders: Luc Priérart (CEO) and Minh Lê (MD)

PK Vitality will develop K'Watch, the first Continuous Glucose Monitor in the form of a connected watch, allowing simple, painless monitoring of blood sugar levels without stigmatization for diabetics.


Remedeehttps://remedeelabs.com/fr/  Co-founders: Jacques Husser (Chairman), David Crouzier (CEO, CSO), Gilles Litman (CBO) and Michael Foerster (CTO)

Thanks to the first endorphin stimulator associated with a digital service platform (bracelet with sensors), Remedee is a device that allows the analysis of health data for patients suffering from chronic pain (endometriosis in particular) and then stimulates the secretion of endorphins to treat these same patients, depending on the data collected.


Rofimhttps://www.rofim.fr/  President and founder: Dr David Bensoussan

Rofim is a collaborative diagnostic and telemedicine platform that enables tele-expertise, RCP, tele-consultation and secure communication. Rofim is built around three complementary areas of expertise: medical, technical and strategic. 


SentinHealthhttps://sentinhealth.com/   Founders: Stéphanie de Marco (CEO), Thibault Parmentier (Deputy CEO)

SentinHealth is the first reimbursable solution for patients suffering from severe heart failure, in need of daily or lifetime monitoring. SentinHealth is a technology based on a subcutaneous implant that allows daily monitoring of heart/lung/temperature and position at home. It also alerts healthcare professionals and triggers action if necessary.


Tealehttps://teale.io/ Co-founders: Julia Néel Biz, Geoffroy Verzat, Nicolas Merlaud and Gilles Rasigade

Teale is a digital platform that allows employees to take care of their mental health on a daily basis, in a preventive and personalized way.


Wefighthttps://wefight.co/fr-FR  Co-founders: Benoît Brouard (CEO) and Pierre Nectoux (CTO)

Wefight develops Vik, the virtual companion for patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Available in 12 countries, Vik accompanies more than 350,000 patients throughout their treatment.

All information is available on the Future4care website and on its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

About Future4care Future4care is the European accelerator for digital health startups, born from the alliance between Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange. Its objective is to accelerate the marketing of innovative and concrete e-health solutions. Future4care is a unique ecosystem with:

  • a 6400m2 space in the heart of Paris in the 13th arrondissement of Paris in the Biopark to provide the best possible support for startups in their acceleration phase; 
  • an online platform for open innovation
  • an Institute, a true knowledge center that will offer programs and conferences related to digital health;
  •  a reference label.