Future4Care: a year at the center of the e-health revolution

Paris (France), May 16, 2022 – Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange announced they were founding Future4Care in June 2021. A year on, Future4Care’s grand opening is the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its successes and its goal—to accelerate the development of e-health solutions.

Published on 18 May 2022 at 11h25


First major milestone: the launch of the accelerator. In December 2021, following a selection phase,

20 digital health start-ups joined Future4care as its first class.

They began receiving support in February 2022. Each of them benefited from a customized program.

In April Future4Care launched its second call for applications to recruit a new class of start-ups, which will join the first group already on site.

Second major milestone: the launch of the institute, during a day of talks on the topic of ethics. The institute aims to spread a shared culture, bring people together and drive change. It benefits from the guidance of a scientific and ethical committee which is made up of experts from a wide range of fields and is chaired by Professor Olivier Guérin. For its first year, the institute will focus on the impact of digital technologies on personalized medicine and remote access to healthcare.

Alongside the launch of the accelerator and the institute, Future4Care also brought together a group of industrial partners: Be-Ys, Biocodex, Alira Health and UCB joined its ecosystem. Other companies will follow shortly to extend Future4Care’s scope to the rest of Europe.

As a symbol of these initial successes, Future4Care hosted the grand opening of its site and digital platform, which were both designed to foster conceptualization, collaboration and innovation in general.

“We at Future4Care, along with the employees involved at our founding companies, are very proud of the progress we have made over the past year. Today over a hundred entrepreneurs, experts, scientists and other healthcare professionals have now joined us. The adventure is only beginning. Tune in a year from now for more news,” says Future4Care CEO Agnès De Leersnyder.



Start-ups supported


ArcaScience Al


CEO: Romain Clément.

First solution to combine a biomedical data tool with a specialized AI development framework to multiply data usefulness fourfold.



Cofounders: Jean-Marc Druesne (CEO of Bbalance and CMO of Baracoda) and Gauthier de Rouzé (CTO)

Baracoda has developed BBalance, a bathmat featuring patented technology that measures pressure for daily full-body health monitoring. It comes with a personalized health coaching program.



Founder: Dora Carrasco Sabino

Blazar predicts the response to onco-immunotherapy by applying statistical models and eep learning to clinical data, thereby improving results for patients.

Bliss Digital Therapeutics


Chairwoman: Mélanie Péron

Bliss Digital Therapeutics has developed VR glasses/headsets to decrease pain for patients with chronic disease and/or during medical procedures.



Founder: Patrice Coutard

Bodyo creates innovative telehealth applications that improve patients’ health and well-being by preventing chronic disease via engaging prevention programs available to all on self-monitoring and telehealth sites.



Founder: Jean-Joseph Christophe

Casis designs cardiovascular imaging software to improve and support clinical diagnosis. It uses deep learning algorithms based on the QIR suite to help healthcare professionals interpret and understand cardiovascular MRI and CT scans. The interface (available in multiple languages) also includes a short training module.



Founders: Sébastien Duré and Matthieu Mailédant

Hoppen aims to create a phygital platform to support patients during hospitalization thanks to personalized services suited to each patient throughout their stay. Initial data indicates that healthcare teams spend only 30% of their time with patients, and the rest in the halls (over 7km per day). The pilot program increased that figure to 55% of their time. The solution is to digitalize everything that happens in patient rooms: meals, cleaning, treatments and building maintenance.



CEO: Gaël Constancin

i-Virtual is a start-up specialized in health and well-being image and data processing which turns any camera into a medical tool. Caducy is the first European camera-based contactless vitals measurement system.



Co-founders: Robin Roumengas (CEO) et David Luu (CMO)

Edtech/medical training that combines AI (proprietary algorithms) and deep tech with an SAAS solution. It aims to democratize medical training.

It will also become a platform for peer-to-peer communication. It will enable HCPs to instantly and directly receive reliable information presented as a visual, personalized summary.



Founders: Dr. Stéphane Schück, Nathalie Texier and Adel Mebarki

Kapcode is develop E-Detect, the first tool to take the patient’s voice into consideration in real time during treatment thanks to AI methods and natural voice processing.



Cofounders: José Bastos (CEO) and Joao Magalhaes (CTO)

Knok is a global leader in video platform and integrated treatment software. Knok works with hospitals, healthcare organizations and leading insurers to improve all aspects of patient care by providing an easy-to-use platform for both doctors and patients.



Founders: Axelle Ayad N'Ciri and Pierre-Emmanuel Obeniche

MaPatho helps patients to find trustworthy specialists and quality information. It’s a 4P platform that aims to improve patients’ everyday lives.



Founder: Dr. Loïc Etienne

Medvir has developed a solution that helps primary healthcare providers determine whether a trip to the emergency room is necessary by analyzing symptoms (weak signals).

PK Vitality


Cofounders: Luc Priérart (CEO) and Minh Lê (GM)

PK Vitality is developing K'Watch—the first ever smartwatch continuous glucose monitor for painless blood sugar monitoring with zero stigma for diabetics.



Co- founders: Jacques Husser (Chairman), David Crouzier (CEO, CSO), Gilles Litman (CBO) and Michael Foerster (CTO)

Thanks to the first-ever endorphin stimulator paired with a digital service platform (bracelet with sensors), Remedee is a device that analyzes health data for patients suffering from chronic pain (in particular endometriosis) and then stimulates the secretion of endorphins to help treat the patients based on the data collected.



Founder and CEO: Dr. David Bensoussan

Rofim is a collaborative telehealth diagnosis platform that supports remote expert consultations, interdisciplinary meetings, telehealth appointments with patients, and secure communication.

Rofim benefits from three complementary forms of expertise: medical, technical and strategic.



Founders: Stéphanie de Marco (CEO), Thibault Parmentier (Deputy CEO)

SentinHealth is the first reimbursable solution for heart failure patients who require daily monitoring. The technology is based on a subcutaneous implant that monitors vitals (heart, lungs, temperature and position) from the comfort of the patient’s home. SentinHealth can also alert healthcare professionals when required.



Diane Buisson (Head of Sales Development), Alberto Pimentel (CTO)

Trayvisor is an innovative solution for analyzing patients’ meal trays before and after to provide comprehensive data on what they’ve actually ingested.

The technology is based on visual recognition and analysis of food from a photo.

Trayvisor helps healthcare professionals to rapidly identify patients at risk of undernourishment in hospitals and care homes.



Cofounders: Benoît Brouard (CEO) et Pierre Nectoux (CTO)

Wefight is developing Vik, a virtual companion for cancer patients and those with chronic diseases. Available in 12 countries, Vik supports over 350,000 patients throughout their treatments.

WhiteLab Genomics


Founders: David Del Bourgo (CEO), Dr. Julien Cottineau (CSO)

WhiteLab Genomics has developed an artificial intelligence platform that accelerates DNA- and RNA- based gene therapy treatment development. The company’s star applications are the discovery of new biomarkers and the design of gene vectors and payloads. Founded in 2019, the company already supports several clients in France the United States including large American biotech consortiums.




Be ys

In January 2022, Be ys, the expert in trustworthy digital technologies and data governance for insurance and healthcare, became Future4Care’s first industrial partner.

This partnership expands Future4Care’s ecosystem to support and accelerate the development of French and European start-ups working on digital health solutions.

Be ys is a technological services management platform serving many players in the insurance, healthcare and retirement fund industries. The company develops stand-out, cutting-edge services from a position of absolute neutrality and integrity to ensure protection of its clients’ data. Be ys

operates in crucial areas such as patient payment and transaction security, sovereign cloud, and processing and hosting sensitive personal data in highly secured data centers. Be ys currently employs 3,200 people worldwide including 460 based in France.



In April 2022, Biocodex, a pioneer and major international player in the fields of microbiota and women’s health, joined Future4Care as a new industrial partner.

The company, which employs 1,600 people, will strengthen the multidisciplinary approach privileged by the Future4Care founders.

Biocodex has invested for years in start-ups focused on microbiota, its primary field of expertise. The partnership with Future4Care will help it to accelerate in the field of digital health and to take its place within this ecosystem of excellence.

Future4Care and Biocodex share the same convictions—first and foremost, they both aim to bring together the ecosystem’s players to make possible the innovations that will create the future of tomorrow and benefit patients. By joining the initiative, Biocodex will contribute to developing solutions that address the issue of European sovereignty over health data as well as how that data is managed and used.


Alira Health

Alira Health is a health consulting firm based in Europe and the United States which offers a wide range of services thanks to its teams in clinical research, regulations, market access, strategy & organization, and transaction. It supports its clients through every stage of development and commercialization of their products. Their patient engagement, real-world data and data analytics departments provide innovative services for patients and patient data. Their digital solutions are currently being deployed via clinical trials—traditional or decentralized (eCRF, ePRO/eCOA, eDiary)—and in the real world (remote monitoring and telehealth, PSP and digital treatment/DTx).

The Scientific and Ethical Committee

  • Lise Arena
  • Karim Benchenane
  • Jean-Marc Bereder
  • Sophie Bernard
  • Michel Caillol
  • Fabrice Denis
  • Emmanuel Fraysse
  • David Gruson
  • Charles Guepratte
  • Enguerrand Habran
  • Emmanuel Hirsch
  • Franck Lebrin
  • Victoire Leroy
  • Jean-Jacques Machuret
  • Alexandre Malouvier
  • Julie Martinez-Tonon
  • Charbel Massaad
  • Patrick Nataf
  • Philippe Nghe
  • Frédéric Prate
  • Juliette Raffort-Lareyre


About Sanofi

Sanofi’s mission is to support people facing health difficulties. As a global biopharmaceutical company specialized in human health, we prevent disease with our vaccines and develop innovative treatments. We support people with rare diseases as well as the millions of people struggling with chronic illnesses. Sanofi and its more than 100,000 employees in 100 countries turn scientific innovation into health solutions worldwide.

Sanofi, Empowering Life.

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About Capgemini

Capgemini is a responsible, multicultural, global leader that employs 270,000 people in 50 countries. A strategic partner for companies looking to transform their business by capitalizing on the power of technology, the Group is driven by its purpose: unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. Thanks to over 50 years of experience and remarkable expertise in a wide range of industries, Capgemini is recognized by its clients for its ability to meet their needs, from strategy to design and operations management by capitalizing on innovations in the constantly changing fields of the cloud, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms. The Group recorded sales of 16 billion euros in 2020.

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About Generali France

Generali France is one of the biggest insurers in France, with a revenue of 15.5 billion euros in 2021, providing comprehensive insurance (health, life insurance, assistance, property and responsibility), investment and asset management solutions for individuals, professionals and companies, serving a total of over 7.8 million people. Present in France since 1832, Generali France relies on the savoir-faire and expertise of its 9,000 employees and its intermediary sales networks of agents, brokers and other partners to be a lifelong partner for its clients. As a responsible corporate citizen with a comprehensive CSR plan, Generali France is helping its clients to shift toward more responsible, sustainable and inclusive savings via solutions that are perfectly in line with the social and environmental challenges of the world today.

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About the Generali Group

Generali is one of the biggest international insurance and asset management groups. Founded in 1831, the Group is present in 50 countries and recorded sales of 75.8 billion euros in 2021. With more than 75,000 employees and 67 million clients worldwide, Generali is a European leader and its foothold in

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About Orange

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 42.5 billion euros in 2021 and 137,000 employees worldwide at 31 March 2022, including 76,000 employees in France. The Group has a total customer base of 278 million customers worldwide at 31 March 2022, including 232 million mobile customers and 24 million fixed broadband customers. The Group is present in 26 countries. Orange is also a leading provider of global IT and telecommunication services to multinational companies under the brand Orange Business Services. In December 2019, the Group presented its new "Engage 2025" strategic plan, which, guided by social and environmental accountability, aims to reinvent its operator model. While accelerating in growth areas and placing data and AI at the heart of its innovation model, the Group will be an attractive and responsible employer, adapted to emerging professions. Orange is listed on Euronext Paris (symbol ORA) and on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol ORAN). For more information on the internet and on your mobile: www.orange.com, www.orange-business.com or to follow us on Twitter: @orangegrouppr. Orange and any other Orange product or service names included in this material are trademarks of Orange or Orange Brand Services Limited.