How digital can improve women's health?

Today, Future4care wants to promote an important topic, which is handled and enhanced by our partner, Galen Growth.
On the international women’s day, we would like to promote the ‘Women’s health in digital health’, a report which has been realized by Galen Growth.

Published on 07 March 2022 at 08h55

At Future4care, we wanted to know more about it, so we interviewed Sara Schmachtenberg, Head of Data and Analytics Europe & USA, at Galen Growth. 

We share here the 5 main insights of this report and the key figures that emerged. You’ll find, at the end of this article, the link to access to the full report and a link to the full interview of Sara Schmachtenberg.  

  1. Meaning of women health in digital health  
  2. State of ventures growing 
  3. Ventures funding 
  4. Solutions brought to the market 
  5. The market in the next few years 

Now let’s deep dive into these insights with some key figures: 

  • Galen Growth's current definition of Women's Health includes: Obstetrics, Women's Oncology, Women's Sexual Health, Gynecology, Women's Fertility, Hormonal Health (including menopause) 

  • The volume of global digital health ventures focused on Women's Health is increasing at a 5-year CAGR of 12%, 2x faster than the overall growth of 6% for Digital Health ventures 

  • Total global venture funding for Digital Health ventures focused on Women's Health in 2021 was $3.75B 

  • 25% of Digital Health ventures focused on Women's Health are developing solutions in Medical Diagnostics, making it the top cluster.  (Patient Solutions and Wellness take the 2nd and 3rd spots with 15% and 10%, respectively.) 

  • What's next? Increasing venture maturity and abundant venture capital will result in an increasing number of acquisitions within Digital Health ventures focused on Women's Health in 2022 and beyond.

This report shows us the growing importance of women’s health in the digital health. 

At Future4care, we definitely want to support these kinds of initiatives, that’s why we support different startups that are dedicated to women’s health. 

We’re looking forward to the next report. 


link of the full interview  here.

More info in the full report