FEHAP becomes a partner of Future4care, the European ecosystem dedicated to digital health.

Press release

Published on 06 July 2023 at 10h36


Paris, July 3, 2023 - FEHAP, the leading federation of private solidarity-based organizations in the healthcare sector, and Future4care, a European ecosystem committed to accelerating progress in digital health, have signed a partnership agreement aimed at combining their strengths to accelerate progress in digital health.

The flexibility and responsiveness of the private solidarity-based sector combined with the dynamics of e-health startups Innovation lies at the heart of the concerns of the establishments and structures affiliated with FEHAP.

The private solidarity-based sector is recognized for this. This is evidenced by the wealth of projects that are honored each year as part of the Innovation Awards. Under the leadership of its new CEO, FEHAP aims to go further by facilitating the connection between the needs of its members and the solutions offered by the startups of the future. Thus, this partnership will provide an opportunity for numerous meetings, exchanges, study sessions, and collaborative work.

"Innovation, whether technological, managerial, or in support of ecological transition, is at the crossroads of all the concerns of healthcare actors. FEHAP is present in all fields from birth to end-of-life. The actors in the healthcare sector are well aware of the challenges related to innovation. It is less obvious on the medico-social and social side. That is why we rely on the support of Future4care to foster innovative solutions for all our members, including those who have more limited access," says Charles Guépratte, CEO of FEHAP.

On the other hand, Future4care offers a startup acceleration program in the field of e-health through personalized support by a team of experts in digital health. Future4care also includes an Institute whose goal is to support the progress of digital health and its adoption by healthcare professionals and patients. The reflections and actions of the Institute are materialized through a think tank, publications, and events.

"We are delighted that FEHAP has joined Future4care's partners. This partnership makes a lot of sense to us as it aligns with our desire to bring multidisciplinary actors together around common issues, and that is the whole mission of Future4care. I look forward to seeing the synergies and projects that will emerge from this partnership," explains Agnès de De Leersnyder, CEO of Future4care.

About FEHAP: FEHAP, present since 1936 in all fields of social protection, brings together more than 5,300 members working within over 1,500 management organizations. These associations, foundations, congregations, mutuals, supplementary pension and provident institutions employ nearly 351,000 employees, accounting for nearly 12% of salaried jobs in the social and solidarity economy. Its flexibility, combining private management and public service, places its establishments and services at the forefront of innovation and research. Its governance, derived from civil society, is selfless. Thus, all the results are reinvested within the structures for the benefit of the individuals received and cared for. www.fehap.fr

About Future4care: Future4care is a European ecosystem of multidisciplinary actors dedicated to digital health. Established in 2021 as a joint venture by the alliance of Orange, Capgemini, Sanofi, and Generali, Future4care brings together stakeholders in e-health (large corporations, experts, healthcare professionals, startups, etc.) to facilitate dialogue and create synergies and opportunities that will accelerate progress in digital health. Since its launch, Future4care has been joined by six industrial partners (Biocodex, UCB, IQVIA, Havas Health & You, Alira Health, and Be-ys). The work of Future4care is guided by a Scientific and Ethical Council.