Our commitments

A community is first and foremost individuals who choose to move forward together towards a common goal. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to live together and respect the commitments and values that will give rhythm and sublimity to the Future4care experience. This is why we, the Future4care team, place 3 commitments at the heart of our approach: respect, transparency, cooperation.


We are players of different natures and sizes. Our way of thinking and working may be opposed, but is nonetheless complementary. Respecting each other's particularities opens up the possibility of fruitful collaboration. Your specificities are our strength, let's respect them!


Issues, organization and decision, being transparent means showing trust. This is a prerequisite for our success. We build Future4Care with your valuable advice and needs, in exchange for real transparency about our progress and ambitions. We were born to help you and will multiply our effectiveness through your own transparency.


Scientific and medical progress requires interaction. We have thought of Future4Care as an ecosystem. In addition to supporting you individually, we want to help you work together. Whether you are startups, industrialists, hospitals, academics or other healthcare professionals, your success depends on this opening.


New technologies and data have become essential to innovation in healthcare. France, and more broadly Europe, have the assets needed to develop the e-health solutions of tomorrow. We are convinced that combining the resources of large companies with the agility of startups will lead to the emergence of digital solutions that will create value for patients and to the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.

Philippe Peyre, Future4care Chairman