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Future4care's Accelerator program meets a strong ambition: to support the players shaping tomorrow's healthcare as they scale up, by mobilizing the resources and expertise of a unique ecosystem made up of manufacturers, experts and mentors.

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Why join the Future4care accelerator program? 

Joining the Future4care accelerator program means choosing to be at the heart of Europe's most powerful e-health ecosystem

A 6400m2 campus in the heart of the Biopark, in the 13th district of Paris.

● A unique network of scientific experts, Key Opinion Leaders, investors and executives from pioneering e-health companies.

● A program made up of 50 startups selected from the French European Healthtech market, with a clear objective of industrial collaboration.

● Around 50 events organized each year to highlight the most relevant projects and collaborations in digital health.

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Who is the Future4care Accelerator program for?

Digital healthcare startups and scale-ups

As an ecosystem at the forefront of the Healthtech market, Future4care supports the most promising European startups in the sector. We support all types of projects that aim to improve progress in digital health:

  • AI/GenIA to improve and accelerate the discovery of new treatments. 

  • AI/GenIA for the hospital sector and caregivers.

  • Digital Therapeutics or startups seeking PECAN/DIGA-type reimbursement.

  • Projects focusing on prevention, detection, diagnostic assistance, improving care or care pathways, whatever the targeted therapeutic areas.

  • Projects structuring/harvesting healthcare data.

Financing stage

Pre-series A to post-series B.

Maturity stage

The company has a developed product that is on the market (or soon will be).

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f4c members photo
  • Whether I'm working with a hospital or an industrial company, I have long sales cycles, while my investors are expecting a short return.

  • How can I integrate these key accounts into a partnership strategy, then into a sales strategy, and finally into a survey of associated exit opportunities?

  • Could an insurer or a pharmaceutical company be interested in my project? From what angle?

  • How can I successfully raise funds, what strategy should I implement and which network should I contact?

  • I've raised funds, and I've discovered that it's not the end, but the beginning of a new cycle. How can I anticipate the next steps and plan my next fund-raising campaign?

  • I have a good product, I have a good point of contact on the industrial side, but the projects aren't progressing. How can I develop my visibility and find internal support?

  • I'm collecting data, but I don't know what to do with it, how to structure it or who it might be of interestto. I'm very careful about my image and that of my users when it comes to this sensitive subject. How can I move forward?

  • I'm being challenged by my Board because I don't have enough visibility. What action plan should I put in place?

  • I didn't anticipate just how risky the management and management of hypergrowth can be. What actions can I take quickly?

Our team of Startup Managers will support you on a daily basis in all the issues and questions linked to the growth of your startup.

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How ?
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A highly qualified network to help you achieve your goals

We put our expertise, that of our Scientific and Ethical Advisory Board and that of our industrial members, at your disposal.

With more than 60 Healthtech startups alumni of the Future4care acceleration program, our ecosystem has an excellent understanding of the different issues facing entrepreneurs in the sector.

We offer three dimensions to help you grow in a current or future market:

The test & learn approach

At Future4care, our team and trusted third-party industry advisors provide you with their insight and knowledge. When your new offer is ready, Future4care and the referents involved take your offer to the business/R&D units likely to be interested in your project, and become internal sponsors for your startup.

Generating opportunities

The Future4care team maximizes your chances of multiplying opportunities with industry, by putting you in touch with the right person at the right time.

The Future4care premises bring together all or some of the teams from among the industrial members of the ecosystem, representing a formidable vector of opportunities for your startup on a daily basis.

Throughout the year, Future4care organizes high quality events. It's an opportunity to be in contact with top-level speakers and to discover the subjects that are making the news in healthcare.

It's often frustrating to have a good product but to not be able to find the right person to talk to. At Future4care, all the startups we recruit are pre-selected on the basis of validation of interest by a member of the ecosystem. This means we can help you find the right contact person, right from the start.

Key account project engineering

Does your startup already have a major project underway with a major account? Your challenge now is to be in close proximity to your customer, to make sure you understand their expectations and have the right support in-house. Our independence guarantees startups the possibility of creating and testing new formulas without altering their chances of future commercial success, while providing major corporations with a guarantee of reliability in the selection of their potential partners.

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f4c members photo
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f4c crowd photo
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Assistance with fund-raising

Our team will support you through all the crucial stages of your fundraising:

  • Defining your growth project

  • Preparing to raise funds

  • Identifying and connecting with the right investors

  • Preparing the due diligence phase

  • Support during the negotiation phase

Your startup's visibility is crucial. At Future4care, we work every day to make your startup stand out among your targets.

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Boosted visibility & influence


We put Future4care's marketing and communications power at your disposal to amplify your influence, whether by promoting your startup through our various communication channels, creating high value-added content via our studio, or speaking strategically at events we organize or sponsor.


Through an ambitious calendar of Future4care events, we create opportunities for privileged meetings with "Top Managers" from major groups in the ecosystem, so that they can appreciate the innovations your startup is offering, and then facilitate the deployment of a partnership within their structure.

Throughout the year, numerous large-scale events and small-scale workshops punctuate the membership of our members.

These events, like access to our premises, are reserved exclusively for our members.

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International growth opportunities

In addition to the international projects you'll have direct access to through the networks of our industrial members' global teams, Future4care supports your capacity for international growth.

Future4care's teams are based in Berlin. Our Berlin campus is the ideal base for deploying your offering in Germany and Central Europe.

We have a network of key account managers in a number of our members' European subsidiaries. This gives you the opportunity to seek a partnership directly with a subsidiary, to draw on the market knowledge of a local team, or to request hosting support on the premises of our major groups.


How does the selection process work for my startup?
  • By submitting a membership application via Linkedin ( or by e-mail to yannick@Future4care, Country Manager France.

  • We organize an introductory meeting between your startup and our team, and confirm mutual interest in joining our alliance.

  • We present your application to our founding members and partners.

  • One of the founding members or partners expresses an interest in exploring a potential collaboration with your project, having previously defined a clear ROI objective.

  • Congratulations, you've joined the Future4care program!

How much does membership of the Future4care Accelerator cost?

The initial offer starts at €1,600 ex-VAT / month for a minimum of one year, with the possibility of renewing the membership. This offer includes :

  • Access to the entire accelerator offer

  • Access to events and expertise from other Future4care entities (e.g. The Innovation Factory, The Institute).

  • Access for two named persons to Future4care's Paris premises. Access to the company hotel for startups wishing to house all or part of their team at Future4care.

  • An access token to organize a free monthly event in our amphitheater (capacity of 300 people).

  • The filming of an Elevator pitch video of your startup for our members, stored on our in-house marketplace and available for free use by your startup.

  • We adapt to your needs, depending on your organization and structure (number of badges, on-off or permanent privatization of workspaces, white-label content creation via our studio, etc.).

How do I get started with Future4care?

As soon as the contract is signed, a Startup Manager is assigned to the startup. He or she will be the entrepreneur's key contact, helping him or her to find their way around our ecosystem and exploit its full potential.

On the startup's arrival, the Startup Manager will be responsible for organizing the Startup Welcome Kick-off, and presenting the startup to the various key account managers in our alliance.

Shortly after the startup's arrival, a 360° strategy and a 360° HR meeting will be organized between the startup and the Future4care team, to define the startup's challenges over its adhesion period, understand the project's strengths and growth obstacles, and set up concrete actions to achieve these objectives. They will be re-evaluated after 6 months in the presence of the Country Manager, and modified if necessary.


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